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May 27th, 2011

best tips for the selection of appropriate glass beads Friday products by Panda Hall

Murano glass beads, beads and jewelry can be one of the most popular dramatic form and color to add to bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Produced with their size varies in bright colors, beaded jewelry and beads are beautiful combinations. Hot artists make Murano glass beads, fused to create a spike on the bead hole. This makes the glass beads requires a special procedure, no two beads are identical.

Murano glass beads and jewelry are the first among China’s famous five. They are colorful and graceful. Tulips in the fighting appeared early glaze. In ancient China, the absence of all kinds of tools, so production is very difficult. Since the amount of glaze color art is limited, they can be used only by royalty and nobles. This means that the colored glaze beads are a symbol of ancient honor.

Murano beads have different colors like green, purple, clear, blue, yellow and so on. Each color indicates different meanings

Green -. It means, hello life and happiness. It helps to build good relations with others. Has a strong cleaning function, and toothache and other diseases be passed. It’s for people who love to be right for society in general.

purple – it helps to improve the IQ and emotional intelligence. It is a symbol of elegance and dignity, and progress. Purple-colored glazed beads can help you, the existing situation and develop confidence.

clear – it means clean, fresh and energetic. Clear-colored glazed beads can help you, nice mentality

Blue -. That means fresh, quiet and comfortable, and can give you good luck. Color blue glass beads can help reduce stress and keep your emotions in the balance. It is suitable for people who need luck

amber. – It’s symbol of power and wealth. You can feel the power of authority of these beads. Glazed beads is bright yellow, some creative, useful for your career. Is the right choice for those who work hard and sincerely hope for success.

Murano beads have many other colors. Why not some amazing lampwork jewelry to show your lover and your friends to treatment, are you? Purchasing pearls from China and a wise choice to have a long history of producing color glazed works of art and engineering excellence., a leading provider of wholesale beads in China, provide high quality glass beads with different colors, shapes and sizes for you the lowest wholesale prices.

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