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May 27th, 2011

Glass beads etch

products by Murano

There are many people that dull look of handmade glass beads and love. Sometimes people do not require them engraved, but to see if the beads are that they want the old, worn out he looks boring. Some providers give customers the option of sending them back freely cone beads, but most people do it themselves. If you want to engrave your pearls, here are some useful tips.

First, a small glass etching solution is required, these will get your local craft store. Ask the store employees glass etching solutions, they usually know what you mean.

Safety first. Once you find the solution to disposable rubber gloves and a few, open your window when you are in a closed room (just make sure you have ventilation – imagine it’s dry cleaning and you’re ready to go -. -. It is important to note that the solution is etching acid, though it is easily neutralized with baking soda drinking, to make sure that nearby in case of acid spill something

best use would be a bowl of plastic after beads in it, pour the solution, so they are covered completely. or if you have the opportunity to tie the beads on something (there was no wire) and just put them in captivity. Read the instructions on the bottle you bought, wrote there should be time to etch materials. It is usually around 5-10 minutes, but only once to see if there is something new very toxic. Then plastic spoon to scoop the beads out and get it out you have a glass of lemonade in pearls put there to neutralize the acid -. and it’s never to wear pearls with your hands facing elimination

that’s it – make glass beads may have some white dust on them, but not to worry, it’s easy to remove with a toothbrush just can not brush your teeth with it and then throw it

not of etching solution – there are 2 reasons first, you do not want to be your garbage acid, and second, you can run the business -.. acid over years back and it was just as well. Although be sure to keep it out of reach of children.

main things to remember, it does not touch the glass or metal etching. Also You need to come into contact, rinse with a cloth or skin, wash immediately with baking soda.

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