How to Cut a Quartz Bead

Dec 14th, 2012

Quartz is really a kind of rock which is frequently present in white-colored, funeste, semi-opaque as well as clear types. This particular rock may also be converted to beads that are used within creating jewelry as well as for some other create tasks. The actual bead you might have might be too large or even improperly suited to building your shed and you also wish to cut or even improve this to suit your requirements. Typically quartz is actually cut having a gemstone used vinyl cutter however the rotary noticed can function when it is dealt with very carefully.


1 Location discard leather-based to suit the interior grasp section of the installed vise. Move a little golf ball associated with polish make the polish more than every bead pit. Place the quartz bead using the pit horizontally with the polish coming in contact with the actual leather-based on each of your part. The actual bead ought to be degree using the best as well as finish from the vise. Clamp the bead strongly. The leather-based as well as polish will certainly safeguard the bead through becoming smashed.

2 Wear security glasses along with a nose and mouth mask. Quartz dirt is actually harmful in order to breathe in and when a person crack the actual bead, little razor-sharp items may travel towards the face.

3 Use a really slim carbide tipped noticed edge on the rotary device. Frequently they are classified with regard to rock or even ceramic tile framing. Keep your own device horizontally so the edge is actually straight. The actual vise finish ought to be dealing with a person.

4 Apply the bead along with drinking water. Location your odds within the side from the vise so your hands is actually braced as well as accept the suggestion from the edge in to connection with the middle of the actual bead. The actual edge might want to maneuver regarding within the bead surface area. Keep this constant. Following a sacrifice of fowl.Leaving couple of seconds associated with get in touch with apply the actual bead with increased drinking water. You could have a good associate maintain the bead damp. This particular relax the actual edge.

5 Contain the edge off and on the bead until it finally determines the cut. Maintain the bead damp following the cut starts. Usually do not push the actual edge, enable the edge in order to fine sand over the rock gradually. Be cautious whenever you close to the finish from the cut since the bead might drop-out. Complete the actual cut. Make use of a damp ceramic tile sander prevent in order to fine sand over the razor-sharp sides.

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