Starting Your Own Fashion Jewelry Business

Nov 26th, 2012

Many of us have dreams to become business owners, work from home, control our own destiny or at least make some extra money on the side. However, especially if we have a steady job that takes up eight or more hours of our daily lives, it can be a challenging task by any stretch to the imagination. So how can one start a small fashion jewelry business?

Let’s examine step by step as to what we have to do to get our fashion jewelry business up and running. Style – First you have to figure out what type of fashion jewelry you want to sell; is it discount fashion jewelry like beaded jewelry or other cheap fashion jewelry, or do you want to offer more exclusive fashion jewelry that may include rhinestone jewelry, fashion jewelry with gemstones, or crystal embedded sterling silver jewelry – whatever the choice, it is best to specialize in one main category so that you know your path and use your investment wisely.

Obtaining the Product: Now that you figured out what kind of product you want to sell, you have to buy it, preferably wholesale so that you can make profit after you resell it. The best way to buy wholesale fashion jewelry is either directly online, or by visiting a jewelry show.

Jewelry Shows: Visit a local jewelry show that exhibits fashion jewelry. However, unless there is a jewelry show in your area, it can be costly to travel so this will not always work.

Find a fashion jewelry wholesaler on the web by visiting wholesale jewelry resources from a variety of web sites. Many of these jewelry wholesalers allow you to purchase small quantities; of course your cost will be higher than that of a mass merchant, but it’s a start. Pick unique styles that are trendy, elegant, and most importantly well priced.

Selling Fashion Jewelry: Once you obtained your fashion jewelry, now it’s time to sell. The quicker you turn the product, the faster you will earn money and continue to grow. Start by getting some catchy business cards and making a simple flier, announcing your new fashion jewelry business; don’t forget to include your contact information, especially your phone number and email address. Start spreading the word to your friends and make sure to tell them to talk about it as much as possible. Once you established a decent interest, host a get-together, perhaps in your home, and show off your new fashion jewelry.

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