Popular techniques and styles of Murano glass blowing – how pearls are born

Jun 9th, 2011

Popular techniques and styles of Murano glass blowing – are like pearls

products are born by Groshan Fabiola

Murano Glass Studios production to create, tasty Italian glass products include a wide range of different styles. Some of the most famous decorative techniques that have remained virtually unchanged for centuries, millefiori, sommersa, murrina include engraving smalto.

With the following old recipes from one generation to the methods employed, Venetian glass can produce a wide range of artist color, layered in terms enamel or patterned Murano glass jewelry such as beads, pendants, rings and bracelets weights decorative mirrors.

style beaded designs: Conterie, Chevron and aventurine

Murano glass beads are the basis of various pieces of jewelry, like earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. They come in a variety of designs and styles is interesting:

• Conterie Pearl – Standing simplest type of Murano glass beads, are created to simulate the properties of precious stones or precious. Defined mainly by its vibrant colors, this type of Murano glass beads are either round or square • Aventurine -. These famous Venetian beads coating obtained with gold or silver leaf decorative beads as work lamp • -. Can be obtained by surfing the molten glass formed tubular vessels, beads, Murano glass using lampworking include a wide range of models and styles.

Pearls Lampworking Receive: sommersa, millefiori bead types Corvette: Sommersa, millefiori and Corvette

lampworking beads category created can no longer be divided into three groups.

• Sommersa – a process of participation of overlap of two or more layers of colored glass, most of the pearls produced in this way also summarize the fine gold or silver. • Corvette pearls – they are known in their beautiful flower patterns from the surface, by a combination of hills, thin wires produces stained glass under heat. • millefiori – form by a combination of different colored glass rods to form a single, millefiori beads have a unique impact on them. The term millefiori means “thousand flowers”, like all similar Murano glass beads in this way highlight of the flower to be produced.

etching technique


with Murano glass is clear or transparent, the technique of engraving ideal mirrors, vases and decorating, ceramic, glass or frames.

Some issues are common traditional representations of animals, Baroque-inspired floral motifs or abstract geometric designs, stylized. Since glass is brittle material, each piece is engraved very well with a diamond color with a slight pressure graffiti.

more interesting styles of Murano glass blowing. Reticello, Murrine and Smalto

• Reticello – indicates an ancient method of decorating glass, glass tendrils including the work of many single-cage design • Murrine – millefiori similar technology allows making murrine colorful intricate patterns between pre-shaped glass rods. The term ” Smalto “specifies the type of enameled glassware, which today is commonly used in the production of bottles, bowls and other glass containers.

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