Hand-art easy to customize your wedding

Jun 13th, 2011

Easy hand art to customize your wedding Monday article by Joyce, Bead Bee

beads are more than just creating jewelry is a perfect touch, your unique wedding add. By combining some simple beading ideas, you can see details that no one will forget to create separately.

From the first days of planning your wedding, you will find a number of creative possibilities, beads and embellishments that will support include a thread through all the little details. Apply to save the data, create a bookmark with a charm dangle beads decorated with tassels. Your orders can be accented with Wedding Bell charm and satin bow, or make the border of hand-sewn with silk thread and glass beads.

pearls, crystals and glass are often used to decorate clothing and handbags. However, even the shell beads, wood and precious stones and a variety of shapes and colors, so you’re sure something that fits your topic. If your wedding has a beach theme, to take over the Pearl Shell beads. Fall wedding line, crystals and precious stones in all colors of autumn, and the twisted wire to make napkin rings or centerpieces decorating.

If you package welcome guests from the city, add a personal accessory such as key chains beads, the town where the wedding will take place or group to the couple’s favorite sports recalled.

Beads can also be used on the wedding day details such as crystal pearl ornaments on the veil or tiara, or decorate the trunk wrapped for the ostriches. Beads are also used to create a perfectly coordinated hair accessories and integrate information from your dress and veil to your hairstyle.

If you have trouble finding the perfect piece of jewelry for you your brides maids, you can easily create their own trendy pieces, or custom jewelry from local bead made artisan.For reception, beads are used in the form of wood, candle holders, place cards, Napkin Holders decoration wine glass charms. Wine glass charms are not only easy to do, they are used for decoration during the reception and then the guests will take home a souvenir. Light wine charms with silver alphabet beads, crystal beads and charms make a lovely man.

brides want their wedding every detail to be perfect, there are many projects do it yourself simple but allow it to happen. For expert help, find a bead bead craftsmen your local store, where you can choose the right ingredients for your project. Visit the library or bookstore to find books and magazines with ideas and project material lists and detailed instructions.

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Joyce Lee is a jewelry designer with experience of more than 15 years in jewelry design and manufacturing. Ms. Lee also enjoys teaching jewelry making classes for children and adults of all ages. Visit www.beadbee.com project ideas, instructions and materials.

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