Beads – Buying Tips

Jun 18th, 2011

Beads – buying

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bought the beads from the crowd is a great way to save up the jewelry. However, you should know the basics of evaluation pearls, to your cost. Pearls come in different shapes, sizes and types. Pearl values ​​depending on quality.

natural pearls are rare

If you use a password that looks “natural” loose pearl wholesale markets, do not be fooled. It’s tricky, because natural pearls are rare authentic to be available from the crowd. It takes more to life long enough for natural pearls the same size for a single strand of chain to collect, so you can not completely natural pearls exist in one country in one day.

Most of these pearls “natural” of high-quality cultured pearls. Under X-ray test to find out that they do not have the rings of calcium, have the natural pearls. Instead, you will find a more consistent core part. In addition, these cultured pearls feel smooth if you are committed to check it against the front teeth. Authentic natural pearls should feel gritty.


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