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May 26th, 2011

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Archibald Edwards, the son of God Titan Prometheus stole fire from heaven to give to people, people have learned to use fire, the highest power Zeus is angry very much in order to balance the fire has brought great benefit to mankind, Zeus decided to leave the disaster come to Israel. Zeus, the first order of Hephaestus fire volume, the use of synthetic soil mix to make a picture of a beautiful woman goddess, then the commandment of love and beauty of God aphthous crazy Luodi Intuit Pour point man, Athena, goddess of wisdom and technology, their teaching weaving, the Wisdom’s beautiful colors woven garments Gene smart to create, to make women appear more attractive light, Hermes messenger of God to teach her language skill. Gave her the gift of the gods, after all a woman is finally finished. Gods that the clothes, hat rabbit, cute items with beads as a bride. Hermes ideas, he said: “Give this woman Pandora, that all humanity the gift sent by the gods.” The gods are in his favor. Ancient Greek, lest any means, is a gift from Dora. “Pandora” is “Everyone. Enter” was

Hermes, Zeus then ordered to bring his brother Prometheus Prometheus Egyptian asylum wife. Quite different than the silly Egyptian asylum Prometheus Prometheus, by nature, Prometheus advised him: “If you send Zeus something completely wrong.” Prometheus, but Egypt was the refuge fascinated stupid, Pan Duo along with the temptation to immediately pull through beauty, and forget the account of Prometheus, gladly accepted the gift of Zeus.

Pandora Jewelry from Denmark in 1982 founded several jewelry trend, the couple in Thailand in 1987 to build their own manufacturing facility to stop the jewelry retail business. In this way ensures that the design in accordance with their wishes. In 1996, Lisbeth Larsen, the company was attached, he played in the formation of Pandora jewelry style is critical. When the Danish market in 1999, the magic of Pandora bracelet, consumers quickly got the idea? Pandora, Pandora, along with the demand of foreign markets and gradually developed. Today, eight Pandora Jewelry countries with turnover, because of high demand, a large number of sales of Pandora jewelry makes a global brand.

Pandora Jewelry offers a wide range of rings, charm bracelets, earrings, necklaces and watches. They offer a wide range of jewelry for women to improve their style selection. beautiful designs available for customers. The most interesting aspect of jewelry design jewelry customers want them jewelry. clients, metals, stones, Outlook, jewelry can design. a variety of metals and stones are to give the best for the client. Metals countless stones are in place to realize your dream choice.

Pandora Jewelry Pandora style includes the arrangement, Pandora Charms, Pandora Beads, Pandora Bracelets, Pandora, and glass beads . Shopping Online Jewelry Pandora Pandora wholaesale reminded charms, wholesale pandora heads, etc.


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