What is Pandora Jewelry?

May 27th, 2011

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There is no specific definition of Pandora Jewelry. When we talk about Pandora Jewelry, we mainly refer to two meanings, is a Pandora style jewelry, and other Pandora Jewelry brand.

First we need to know what Pandora. Pandora, the Greek magic. Is the first woman in the world, made by the Zeus or God fir, stripped of Hephaestus, Prometheus the fire to punish people. The gods also give them a more attractive charm. The myth of Pandora has a long history and editions seem to interpret from different angles. Editions of all, Pandora has been used by natural theology to explain the existence of evil in the world. In summary, the Pandora is a lovely woman and mysterious.

ancient Greek means, Pan Dora gift means everything. Pandora’s word, that is, a woman of the Gods by the will of Zeus was created. It’s the perfect woman with beauty and wisdom. Now things are often tempting to as “Pandora”. Later, Pandora jewelry combined with a general term for the unique beauty and mystery of jewelry.

Pandora Jewelry General, based primarily on jewelry that macroporous beads made of a thick chain. It looks like there is a feeling of pure individuality, primitive national styles. Pandora beads are working great hand, it is composed of pure glass beads 925 sterling silver tubes. It’s a very good lighting effects from different angles, the thickness and color of light refraction, can show a three dimensional visual effects, it gives us a feeling of peace and quiet. To benefit from the beads “breathing” glass that led to the natural beauty. He also shows clear glass, the textures visible, different colors of glass works by combining color Doppler described a variety of creative language.

Pandora beads called abacus beads, formerly of the glass, but now of zircon, as people prefer to keep jewelry noble. Pandora beads decorate the bracelet, pendant, and make it stylish and elegant.

Pandora Jewelry Fashion of the last twenty years, call it other names closely connected: Pandora Jewelry brand. Now many people confuse with Pandora Pandora brand jewelry, in fact, there are two related concepts, but also clear differences. In short, the Pandora jewelry style was there before the appearance of Pandora Jewelry brand. Pandora Jewelry brand, which focuses on Pandora Pandora jewelry style even more popular.

In fact, Pandora jewelry brand founded in 1982 by a few. She originally jewelry company in Denmark, the company produces only bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces in the early days. With the development era, demands for jewelry, more and more people also want to increase their jewelry to reproduce. The products of the Pandora brand jewelry and grow, and new products every year to meet the needs of the customer. In the early days, as word of Pandora, Pandora brand jewelry and unique magic show

Kosher seductive Pandora jewelry is much more than display the page below. You’ll love it when you see it, since it could only Pandora’s box, which is “Fatal Attraction” for women

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