Swarovski crystal beads: Are they real?

May 28th, 2011

Swarovski crystal beads : Are they real Friday products by Olia Sakhnovsky

Come up with a short history of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds …? Swarovski start Daniel (1862-1956) was a German jeweler glass cutter. In 1892 he patented an electric cutting machine that allowed the production of lead crystal jewelry. It began in 1895 when Daniel Swarovski Crystal Swarovski founded with the support of Franz Weiss Armand Kossmann. The key to their success was Crystal Daniel’s patented precision cutting machine and demand the best quality crystal available. Swarovski creates a glass with a special name, imitators can not duplicate. This special compound creates the incredible brilliance of their product. The philosophy of the founder, Daniel Swarovski was “to constantly improve what is good.” Swarovski has been making the finest lead crystal glass for 100 years. Swarovski ® crystal components are ground as the highest quality machine polished single crystal pearls in the world!

During a regular crystal glass containing lead oxide only 12-28%, to increase the refraction of light, Swarovski ® crystals containing about 32% lead oxide. This content lead to increased refracts the light more effectively, thus adding more lightning lightning all crystal bead. Lead content also increases the weight of the crystal compared to normal probably already know glass.You what looks like a Swarovski crystal, but you know how to tell if it does have a real Swarovski crystal? Swarovski crystals buying? Here are some tips:

– especially when buying, Swarovski ® crystals are arranged not

– Swarovski. ® crystals are perfectly uniform all . There should be no variation of size or shape from bead to bead, are cut machine

– Swarovski ® crystals radiate a beautiful shine , while not crystal imitation. The easiest way is to be sure to keep true and false together. No other sparkling crystal Swarovski crystal as a real

-. Swarovski ® crystals with AB finish is shiny with a uniform surface cells no scratches or

edges has a perfect line . This means that nodes might all take exactly the same place. This is a similar aspect of diamond faceting

-. Take a real fake, go in bright light, and keeping it so you looked at them (you can see the hole in the head), real Swarovski ® crystal beads have a thin edge

– because of the special compounds Glass, Crystal Swarovski ® mark out . Bead of lesser quality if by side comparison

ST. – Glass bead is much lighter and brittle than lead crystal. Because lead oxide, its very easy to distinguish low crystal glass beads. Crystal beads are fall much faster as glass bead as she fell into a glass of water

-. One last thing to look for to know the difference between real Swarovski ® crystal and a copy is blowing. no visible bubbles! If you see any bubbles, you know immediately that he was fake.

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