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May 29th, 2011

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UN-trained, a lot of handmade jewelry for sale online, craft stores and can seek a substantially the same. However It is not the case. jewelry designers the possibilities are endless when creating their works. It is important to be aware of different materials used and compare as they can, both in quality and price


The most common metals are handcrafted jewelry. some form of silver or gold. Most jewelry buyers, however, who knows the differences between the materials that have similar names.

Fine silver

Fine silver is the purest form of money, which is frequently used in jewelry. This is pure silver 99%. Besides being expensive, money order is softer than sterling, and tarnish.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is the most common form of hand-crafted silver jewelry used in the United States. Silver Sterling silver is 92.5%, and the rest is a combination of other metals like nickel and copper. Sterling makes it more comfortable, but it also makes the jewelry more murky.

silver plate

Silver plate is lying very, very thin silver metal based on the way copper at all. Over time, silver plating is worn to show below the metal boring.

Carat Gold

This is what most people think like gold. The higher the number karat gold more expensive. Common variations are 10, 14 , 18, 22 and 24 carat gold. like karat number grows, so gold’s yellow color and softness. Gold is also white and pink colors.


This material is actually gold-plated silver. Many people prefer Vermeil, that is more affordable option for pure gold, but is still entirely of the precious metal. Most Vermeil is gold plated with a high carat, and has a yellowish color.

Goldfield full

gold beads, wire and chain by applying a coating gold are made, base metal core. It is also known as rolled gold. In contrast coating, this layer very thick smear reasonable life of the jewelry. it is a cheap and durable alternative to karat gold. Most of the components are gold filled with 14 karat gold.

Gold Plate

as silver plate, gold plate by metal covers, with a very thin layer of real gold. layer of gold is probably the rub, usually within a few years after purchase, depending on how often the piece is worn and what is given . During the coating offers a very affordable option for fashion jewelry, it’s not a good choice for jewelry that are designed to be played often, or become a family heirloom is.


There are many kinds of natural gemstones, synthetic-enhanced Jewelry makers today. Although most people have no idea of ​​the wide range of options, please purchase precious stones, is very important to know the differences in purchasing handmade jewelry.

Coloring Gems

Dyeing precious stones is not necessarily a bad thing . It can bring life to another boring materials. be aware that jewelry with colored stones can bleed color when wet. It can be avoided if the designer to wash the beads before they are ready to pieces.

their many crystals, amethyst rose quartz and garnet colored usually to improve their natural color. Turquoise Jade Malaysia (not really jade) is usually painted bright shades of purple, pink and blue.

Chalcedon is another stone that is often painted in bright colors. It is important to know that some of chalcedony dyed fade. To avoid fading, not any chalcedony jewelry store in direct sunlight.

freshwater pearls are often dyed, but probably not a problem with fading or bleeding their color is.

Pearls improvement

is the improvement of the pearls of the process including treatment with heat, chemicals or pressure to increase their value or durability. Quartz Smokey is improved at all in order to improve its color. Turquoise is often stabilized or impregnated with resin material to harden and absorbs less water and oils that could hurt him.

Synthetic Chen

This is the most important name to know exactly what you buy. many natural gems very convincing synthetic counterparts. There are often turquoise, jade, coral, and types Many of the quartz.

synthetic crystals, is actually made of glass, are now in a rainbow of colors and a variety of names. When these synthetic crystals were first introduced by foreign manufacturers in the United States, they outline some very experienced retailers bead jewelry designers. common types of synthetic quartz crystal tanzanite, amethyst, quartz, quartz crystals Lilac “juicy.” These include strawberries, cherries, blueberries and pineapple.

Synthetic gemstone beads can be added to the wonderful and inexpensive way of designer colors. some very beautiful varieties are Opalit and Goldstone.

that all together

There is always a good idea, the designer questions directly on the materials used in his designs, ask if you are at all concerned about the authenticity and quality. Most designers appreciate your interest to answer your questions.

All decisions can be overwhelming, but you should not discourage the purchase of handmade jewelry. The design was created by a unique artist. armed with your new knowledge, you can the perfect piece of jewelry that you can enjoy for many years can be found .

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