Pandora Jewelry Glamour health shows

May 31st, 2011

Pandora Jewelry Glamour shows health Friday products by bansonford

Pandora Jewelry is popular in recent years as fashion jewelry. Today, she appeared frequently by celebrities “many neck. This type of new visual jewelry, especially glass, ceramic, enamel and other colorful material, such as colorful fairy magic when they embellish the neck and the fingers of women in the city of fashion. Jewelry Pandora’s specific choice Colorful combination of materials of colors to bring unprecedented visual revolution of one simple jewelry market.

The combination of jewelry and silver jewelry Pandora does have connotations abound.

1 Pandora, the embodiment of elegance and glamor.

In Greek mythology, Pandora the first woman on earth, the sound of Hephaestus or Zeus, and she was given a punishment to punish the person Prometheus for stealing fire people. gods Pandora also comes even more attractive. today is the moral of the mysterious Pandora is charm.Later combined with Pandora jewelry and They are a general term for any kind of jewelry mysterious, charming and unique.’s greatest feature Pandora Jewelry can change to believe in any other beads Pandora choose your combination of design and personal style images.I express that you like it when you see the Pandora Jewelry, Pandora jewelry that is full of charm and magnetism as Pandora is the box.

2 silver, a symbol of health.

silver jewelry all the time as a symbol of health nobility.As already BC, the ancients knew that money, state of trauma and enhance healing, to prevent infection, clean the water (such as water containing the silver bowl can make sure to keep fresh water.) Effect line. ions money Guard has a strong sterilization, it can prevent the development of bacteria and have income to the human body. Otherwise, use the money as drug testing. because money can react chemically with many toxic substances, money and turn black when it chemically reacts with the poison, can see the light with the naked eye. So people often use the money to see if the food was toxic. Wearing a bright silver jewelry is always a symbol of Many health countries.Pandora magic symbols, symbolic of health and money. Pandora Jewelry, Pandora and the combination of money available in a sign of health and magic. Pandora Jewelry has the advantages of both Pandora and the money, the change and the uniqueness of Pandora, and bright silver health . It is expected that the Pandora jewelry is a fashion trend in the near future will be.

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