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May 28th, 2011

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Beads are available in many materials. However, precious stone beads have grace and beauty that is all their own. So if you’re going to design or make (or both) of your jewelry, what things you should consider when purchasing raw materials? Chen beads a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and prices can be achieved. Real-precious stone beads, add grace to your jewelry authenticity of the stone used in accordance with a touch of tradition and class. Can be

beads to create or embellish almost every piece of jewelry. It would be necklaces, earrings, bracelets or necklaces, pearls can be used in a variety of permutations and combination of both to achieve the desired effect.

The most choosing the right beads for your project, consider what you want to use them and your budget.

What a gem?

Every possible shade color in gemstones in the world abound. If you have a color palette, you can refer to a table of colors

yellow. Yellow Topaz, Citrine, Diamond red: Ruby, garnet spinel, coral pink : pink sapphire, pink tourmaline, green : Purple to Emerald, Jade, Green Sapphire, Peridot, Blues: Blue Topaz, Sapphire, lapis lazuli, turquoise, chalcedony, iolite, amethyst tanzanite, aquamarine, brown / gray: Diamond, Smoky Quartz White : Opal, quartz diamond, black : Diamond, Onyx are

all gems in different price categories. However, it is important to their gemological properties before you notice them jewelry. For example, a carbuncle is a relatively soft stone easily than sapphire bracelets and therefore not suitable for rigid, where you can chip beads by close contact with objects. Sapphire or blue topaz on the other hand, are very resistant and therefore suitable for the same piece. Some stones may break more easily than others and some require special treatment (Turquoise away from chemicals and cosmetics). Soft stones will not be available in certain categories.

cuts and shapes like beads range in diameter from 2 mm to an average of 26mm. You can arrange larger beads, if desired. The beads are sold by the strand or number (if they are larger). Strands are 15 20 cm in length. They are decorated with several cuts and shapes. Round beads, tubes, shaped, oval face or smooth drum, chips and disks are also available. Other common forms are the heart of the square, and diamond although other shapes are available, depending on the supplier sind.Tear reduction or pear-shaped pearls as briolettes they can be pierced or half way, but often at the end of the earrings are exposed as danglers or form the edge of the known complicated chains . Carvings are a different kind of precious stone bead, make sure your jewelry is to stand apart. Intricate designs of Flora, Fauna, abstract art gods carved into a diamond. Not all gems are pretty hard to be carved, but there are many types. If you have a natural appearance desired cabochon beads are a great option. Cabochons are polished but the stone’s natural shape to the surface smooth and glossy.

There are several reputable dealers online gems, offering a variety of beads / stones at wholesale prices for retail and personal consumption. This is for you or order more beads from the comfort of your home can. Can be ordered through their email, website or call them to do. There is no minimum order quantity required and the goods will be sent to you for a fee. Forward-looking retailers have used technology to their advantage possible, gems are the choice in real time via Skype.

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