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May 30th, 2011

Collecting old glass beads A hand said by Terry Kubiak

Long before precious stones and beads were cultured face, the old glass beads in one breath with most gems lines. Beads of all kinds were traded, collected valuable throughout human history. Pearls are one of the oldest forms of art. They have tens of thousands (some say hundreds of thousands) of years. Tenth-century Arab once said that the Vikings would “take to achieve any length of colored beads.” Colored beads must be of flame worked glass Birka, local jet amber, carnelian and silver from India and Islamic Iran and dealers, rock crystal, garnet, amethyst, gold and bronze imports were other types of beads greatly appreciated from people antiquity. The word bead comes from the Anglo Saxon words suggested (pray) and Beda (prayer.)

collection of ancient glass beads is an area of ​​growing interest of people. Glassmaking originated in Syria, Palestine around the third millennium BC and was developed in Egypt in 1330 BC. Phoenicians were the glass makers biggest exporters of the ancient world. Chemicals for the coloring of glass was during the reign of Tutankhamen in Egypt (about 1330 BC) and was strongly colored glass inlay for furniture and architecture to take advantage of for several hundred years later. Although the Romans had no connection with the invention of glass, it was In the first century AD, they play a leading role in industrialization of glassmaking process and the Mediterranean world.

glass beads, sometimes referred to as trade beads, played an important, if not something of a shameful role in the colonization of North America. Columbus’ first trade with the American people Red Hats used to string beads to win the trust and admiration of the local population. 12. In October 1492, Columbus wrote in his diary that the natives of San Salvador, Iceland hats red glass beads were added. This is the earliest written reference of American glass beads.

with exploration and colonization of the New World, the demand for beads grew higher and higher. Explorers, traders and missionaries had great use of beads as a unit of the Exchange with the people in the New World and Africa. Pearls are not just decoration! No, beads used by mankind for centuries, and even the modern humanity not only. This makes it popular item, especially to collect old glass beads.

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