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May 30th, 2011

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Sunny Methwani chalcedony bead carnelian is translucent, orange and shades of yellow and white is often combined with other. Sunlight can sometimes make the colors more beautiful. Carnelian beads are semi-precious gemstone beads. These gems oval is different shapes and sizes, but the most common. He is in many countries such as Russia, USA, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, Uruguay, India, Japan and many other countries.

amazing color of carnelian stone is less popular for fashion JewelryLike chains, pendants, bracelets and more.

a variety of carnelian in a variety of fashion colors jewelryThe can combine relatively low cost of carnelian, is a popular stone fashion jewelry, different priorities, many stones, precious metals base.

carnelian strong presence in world history occurred. It has been found in some pearls The oldest known, put the clothes of my father, Fu, Sumerian queen of the third millennium BC, in Egyptian tombs, in the breastplate of high priest, Aaron, and many other ancient cultures. One of its most popular applications already by the Romans. They used stone for cameos, gems, and sealing rings for imprinting seals with wax on correspondence and documents.

Today, gemstones are carnelian beads found a natural blend nicely subtle pleasures of hand made and continues to be very popular. that these are carved beads, very carefully, is essential to ensure that their beauty will be incomplete. is usually created with cabochon-cut (cutting) to bring the elegance of natural stone color and pattern. In some cases beads are subject to cut-to spark Penn to promote the gemstone. carnelian is sometimes heat treated or painted to enhance the color.

carnelian stone is perfect to stimulate the circulation, kidneys, appetite, emotions and sexuality. It gives confidence, assertiveness and an unstoppable drive to succeed, he thought, happiness, creativity, perseverance, confidence, courage, promotion, assertiveness and analytical power, and helps one to achieve more success in professional and personal matters. Stone is mentioned in Arabic, Hebrew and Roman traditions. These cultures believed that it protected the wearer in the afterlife, and against evil spirits. This stone was also popular with European and Asian cultures .

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