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May 29th, 2011

art is the color of the glass bead jewelry design Monday article by Joyce, Bead Bee

Working with color when creating jewelry with beads and a little different than other art forms because of the unique characteristics found in different materials such as surface quality, transparency, opacity, and reflectivity surface.

inspiration for unique color combinations, look at the printed materials, gardening, interior design or layout. You may also find jewelry catalog jewelry with mixed gems you can translate it into a glass or colored Swarovski crystal combinations. Magazine ads are also an excellent source of inspiration, but often an artistic background, with an interesting color combination function.

The most elaborate together without affecting the access, do not worry, just try every possible combination of different laying color pearl strands, or with different color combinations on the bead board. You can even start about five different colors next to each other and to mix and match pairs and triplets, until you find the right one. This strategy of trial and error, often develop a unique color combinations that you otherwise ignore.

There are many approaches to find the right color combination. You can recognize that the monochromatic look different shades of the same color. Think also about complementary colors, colors that appear in front of the color wheel, for example, are red and green, blue and orange or purple and yellow complementary colors. You may not want to translate it exactly Snap, but you can choose a purple and gold beads or shiny pink, peridot is perfect.

Creating three are also nice that you choose two complementary colors, and then a third, which can be used in a mixer or buffer. Pearl jewelry making, metals such as silver or gold, or pearls of large freshwater pearls as accents, the help two free colors blend together.

A combination of different colors together, even to think about proportion. You can use the colors at the same level through the pearls of the same size, or color can be dominant in larger beads, others used as a color accent of small beads. In addition, color combinations look better with the metal gold, silver metal, metal or copper. When placing a test of your beads in our color combinations, see the color of your findings or other ingredients that can affect the look of your jewelry design to consider.

your local bead store is probably the talented jewelry designer roster some additional references. Also, pearls are often bead This premixed color combinations made, the design process much easier.

If you study in depth of color theory to matter, I recommend you read the color wheel and color interaction of the school by Josef Albers. Local arts center or community college courses can also be color theory.

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